My First Dance - Maxi


My First Dance – MAXI: Indian dance for children of 9 years and older


Exciting warm-up games, playful muscular exercises, creative improvisations and Bharata Natyam dance technique shape this varied hour, in which the children get to know the many different sides of Indian dance. The musicality of the children is promoted with music, which has been specially adapted for these hours and with interesting rhythmic exercises.


In the center of the My First Dance concept stands the experience of dance with all senses and on different levels. Children learn not only dance steps, but also a feeling for expression, a sense of rhythm and a healthy body constitution.


The course is adapted to the needs of this specific age group and introduces the children slowly into the high demands of a classical dance style. For children who enjoy dancing and music, this course is a great opportunity to do something good for their body, their self-awareness and their ability to concentrate. The course takes place once a week (except Zurich school holidays). No previous knowledge required.


The course is booked through a 10 lesson-pass which is valid for 3 months (excl. school holidays).


Location Bullingerstrasse 63,
8004 Zürich
Bremgartnerstrasse 18,
8003 Zürich
Time Mondays, 5,15 pm Thursdays, 5 pm
Duration 60 minutes
Cost per lesson 17.50/child
(⚪) Only for kids going to the school in Unterengstringen.


If interested, send the contact details: