Birthday party for kids

Birthday party for kids

A dance-workshop as entertainment event


Who doesn’t know them: the exotic world of Indian dances with all their colors and sounds? Who has not always wanted to try on a sari, dance with ringing bracelets or learn a few steps to dance to Indian music?


If you want to arrange a special birthday event for your child, then I would be happy to make them discover this exciting world of classical Indian dance. In this workshop, children between 4 and 12 years:


  • try Indian dresses
  • make their own dance jewelry
  • learn to tell stories with hand gestures
  • get to know the instruments needed for Indian dance
  • learn a little Indian dance


The program is supplemented with a fiery dance presentation by the course instructor. For the whole workshop min. 2, max. 3 hours are required (including break). The workshop can take place at a residence or at a rented hall. Depending on the number of children enough free space is needed. The location is organized by the host, all necessary utensils are brought by me. As a souvenir the children are allowed to keep the self-made dance jewelry.


The price for the workshop is 20.- CHF per participating child plus expenses. The group should not contain less than 5 children.


I’m looking forward to help making your birthday party a special day!


If interested, send the contact details: